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    1. MacLachlan College exterior shot on a sunny day
      2023-2024 enrollment

      Welcome To MAC

      Welcome to MacLachlan College, one of the top co-ed K-12 elementary and secondary private schools in Oakville. This historic building in the heart of Oakville, Ontario is much more than a place where your child goes to school, it is an active hub for learning and development.

      As an independent school that spans from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, we witness, and influence, tremendous growth in our students, and we feel privileged to guide them through this journey. Our dedited teachers construct creative and innovative programs so that every individual child’s needs, potential, interests, and talents are nurtured and developed.

      It is likely that you have given a great deal of thought to the qualities you are looking for in a private school. ?As you explore our website, you will get a glimpse into our school and our program offerings; however, the best way to learn about our unique and engaging environment is to experience it. I encourage you to visit us and see first-hand how MacLachlan College is much more than a school. It is a community where children and young adults thrive and where confidence, curiosity and passion ignite.

      Michael Piening
      Head of School
      B.Sc.,(Hons.),B.Ed.,M.A.,OCT, Prin.Cert.

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      Re-Imagine Possibilities.

      Since its founding, MacLachlan has embraced innovative approaches in edution. We’ve never veered from that understanding, as we have evolved we understand that the key to innovation is collaboration. Sign-up to our blog and join us every month as we re-imagine possibilities.

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      As a small school, MacLachlan allows for signifint personal attention to each student. Our son feels very comfortable, safe and supported by the staff as well as his peers. MAC teachers deeply re about each student evidenced by the constant and ongoing availability for support and encouragement. Constructive feedback is clearly communited and each teacher goes the proverbial extra mile to ensure our son is striving for improvement to reach their potential. As parents, we feel extremely confident that our son is being prepared for a successful future.

      – Parent, Grade 10 student

      I wanted to say thank you for updating the Edusafe app to include the extra questions. It is great to be part of a school that listens to the parent community’s feedback and is extremely motivated to keep everyone safe. We appreciate everything you are doing for the students!

      – Parent, Grades 2 and 4 students

      We really enjoyed the broadst graduation. ?I shared the link with my entire family in Montreal and it allowed them to tune in. ?They were delighted to witness the ceremony that under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t have been able. ?I continue to work to find the positives in this crazy Covid-19 situation.?Thank you for your commitment to the growth, development and well being of my two MacLachlan graduates. ?Our decision to have our kids join your school is among the best decisions we ever made. ?Both kids grew into curious and smart young adults under your tutelage. ?They are my favourite people and you and your school community had a big hand in shaping them. ?Thank you!

      – Parent, MacLachlan graduates

      So school is finally over and we have a long summer holiday in front of us. Hurray!
      When we started remote learning 12 weeks ago it felt like a never-ending story and a very difficult task for at least our family to manage, but the result turned out very different. The growth I’ve seen in our children has been beyond anything we could ever imagine. Responsibility, engagement, structured, confidence, risk-takers, principled, beautiful cooperations with peers to mention a few.
      I’d like to send a BIG THANK YOU. I am extremely grateful for your open-minded approach to our suggestions and your willingness to have a conversation about it and take our suggestions into consideration. We think you developed online learning to a very good learning journey for the kids. We loved the end of year celebration you created for the kids, well done!

      – Parent, Grades 5 and 6 students

      Would you believe after all these years I haven’t removed my name from your email list? It’s a tradition I n’t let go of. Most time I just delete them but the past few weeks I’ve been opening them to see how you’re all coping during this crazy time. Have said all that, I wanted to say “job well done” and kudos to your staff too. Take re and be safe.

      It’s an important time in our lives to say thank you to those who are going above and beyond and the staff at MacLachlan definitely fall into that tegory. ?We are grateful for the amount of planning that was done prior to the school closing and for the planning that continues in preparation for the re-opening of the school.

      Thank you for your ongoing updates.? Our kids have definitely settled into a productive online learning schedule.? We’ve been very pleased with the efforts and creativity of the teachers to engage the kids and facilitate their learning during this time.? Our kids are happy and continue to be challenged, so from our perspective online school is going really well.

      We are convinced that MacLachlan College has done the best job of any school that we know of. The staff is fantastic!

      We just wanted to say thank you for everything you are doing for the MacLachlan students and for the community during this global crisis. ?We are proud to be part of the MacLachlan family. ? Thank you to all of the staff, who have done such a phenomenal job at continuing to edute the students remotely. ?And thank you to the school as a whole for supporting important uses to help in the fight against this pandemic.

      First let us say thank you to you and her teachers for the stellar job you all are doing, to keep her edution going. ?I know it’s challenging beuse you also have your little ones as well.

      MAC Online Community

      Video Tour